Detroit Restaurants on Twitter 2012


On our journey to network with as many Detroit businesses as possible, we came across many local restaurants that appeared to be struggling with their use of Twitter. This spurred our interest and we wanted to dig deeper. Accordingly, in October 2012, we decided to do an analysis of Detroit-area restaurants on Twitter to determine, on average, where they are performing well and where they can improve.

This was not a scientific study. We randomly selected 50 Detroit-area restaurants that had Twitter accounts, including those in Detroit and metropolitan areas such as Royal Oak, Berkley, Farmington Hills, Sterling Heights, and St. Clair Shores to name just a few.

You'd be surprised how few restaurants are actually on Twitter! It took extensive searching via Twitter and Google to compile a large enough sample size that we were comfortable with.

In our analysis, we took a look at traditional sit-down restaurants, Coney Island restaurants, diners, cafes, pizzerias, and food trucks to name a few. Chain restaurants that stretched beyond Southeast Michigan were not included, but local chains were.

Now that we have the specifics out of the way, let's dig in!


  • Average Following, Follower, and Tweet counts for both active and abandoned accounts:
Account Status:    Active  Abandoned
Following: 708 200
Followers: 838 156
Tweets: 757 70
  • 1 in 5 accounts are abandoned (no activity in 6 months or more) [11/50]
  • 5 of 11 accounts were abandoned in the Fall [September, October, November]
  • Only about half of all accounts have a customized background graphic [27/50]
  • 77% of active accounts have adequate profile information including bio, website URL, and location [30/39]
  • Of all active accounts, the average tweet rate is 1 every 3 days
  • On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest possible score, active accounts averaged a score of 4 on Tweet quality [This was a subjective metric where we looked at the value of tweets, engagement with others, professionalism, and more]
  • While we want to keep restaurants in our analysis confidential, we'd like to tip our hats to the top performers: Buddy's Pizza, the famous Detroit pizza chain, and El Guapo Grill, a food truck serving fresh Mexican fare

To see a visual representation of our Detroit Restaurants on Twitter 2012 analysis, check out the juicy infographic at the end of this


For Detroit-area restaurants to be successful on Twitter, they must be persistent. Expecting immediate gains can cause frustration and lead to abandonment.

Restaurants can improve upon their frequency of tweets while continuing to tweet useful content and engage with fans. Those that are active on Twitter are leveraging the tool to stay in touch with patrons without being overly promotional. In addition, establishments should optimize their Twitter profiles and stand out from the crowd with custom background graphics.

If your restaurant is looking to get started on Twitter, we recommend you use this information to your advantage. You have a great opportunity to learn from the shortcomings revealed in our analysis so you can get the most out of your Twitter presence.

If your restaurant is already on Twitter, we recommend you take a look at your own account to see how you stack up against your peers and competitors. Again, you can learn from the information we provided to maximize your efforts on Twitter now and in the future.

Are you looking to get started but don't know where to begin? Maybe you find that you're struggling to manage your Twitter account? Learn more about our Twitter management service.


Detroit Restaurants on Twitter 2012 [Infographic]

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